I feel like I'm molting. My face has developed a stubborn dry patch that refuses to show any signs of improvement even after I smear copious amounts of cream on it. And now this.


Whenever something possibly detrimenal occurs to my health and well-being, my preferred route of medical attention is to self-diagnose myself with the help of Google and then buy over the counter products that may help alleviate my symptoms. It is too tedious of a process to seek health professionals here and if I tell my mother who is a nurse by profession, her answer to all the ills I have ever had to date is due to the fact that I don't eat fruits. And that, dear mother, is just not helpful.

Anyway, from what I have researched, it seems that what I have could be a symptom of basically any and all kinds of skin problems ranging from contact dermatitis to eczema. So what am I going to do about it? Sit and wait it out. It's just a passing storm in the world of Sharon's epidermis. No visit to the dermatologist is necessary!

*crosses fingers*

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