Oh Ha Ha

There is a Twitter account called #reasonstobeatyourgirlfriend.

Understandably, being called “an abusive man” over Twitter pissed a lot of those #ReasonsToBeatYearGirlfriend contributers off — especially since some/most/many of them may not actually domestic abusers, but were simply contributing to a ha-ha-hilarious trending topic.

It’s just a jooooooke, they all whined, because joking about hitting your partner is funnnnnnnny!

Really, those ignorant whiners just need to STFU (that is, if they aren’t booted off Twitter entirely). Sure, there’s a legal difference between actually being a domestic abuser and making a joke about domestic abuse on Twitter.

But a cavalier attitude towards domestic violence — whether it’s against men, women or children — contributes to the culture that allows it to exist. We’re not at a place yet where joking about domestic abuse, or rape, or child abuse, is funny. Period.


While on Facebook this morning, this too made me cringe:

Yes, because all other religions are invalid and only Christians can appreciate god's glory.

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