Roll Up Those Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

I never thought it would get this serious. First it was 3 times a week. Then it went on to include weekends. Eventually we were seeing each other anytime I had two hours to spare.

I am officially in love with Netflix.

There are no cliché action movies between the two of us, no sirree. Our relationship is all about Foreign Films with a Strong Female Lead, Dark/Gritty Dramas, Horror/Gore and Social-Political Documentaries. Sometimes Netflix even suggests the six-part BBC series “Walking with Dinosaurs,” because it has now come to know what I like.

I watch roughly four movies a day now. It's a little sad how I have chosen to spend my last few days of freedom before university starts up again. OH WELL. If Netflix wasn't around, I'm sure I'd still be glued to the TV as I am the very definition of a couch potato. The only difference now is that playing games on the PS3 has taken a slight step back.

I wonder if the reason for why I'm like this is because of the lack of things to do/see in Saint John. Or maybe I'm just using that as an excuse to conceal my true nature. Or maybe I fall in between the two. Whatever it is, I can't believe this is the last weekend before I'm back to burying my nose in textbooks. As usual, I feel like there was a lot I didn't do or get to do save for the New York Trip which was productive and entertaining (I'm strangely nostalgic for NYC – I find myself wishing I was back there every now and then). I'm still baffled by how fast time flies. How does it do that?! Summer is never as long as I want it to be. I've perfected doing nothing all day and sleeping in until early afternoon and I don't want this routine to change damnit!

I'm particularily resistant to the semester starting up this time around because I know I'm going to up to my eyeballs in a lot of work for the month of September. The only thing I can grin about is having money in my pocket.

I forsee the purchase of purple streaks in the near future with this money, oh yes 😉

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