Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

I was talking to a friend a few days back about the reasons for why he believed that girls don't want to date nice guys. He concluded that most girls just  want guys who are total dicks to them and that most girls are straight up b*tches (or stupid) who don't know what's good for themselves.

This was me all throughout that conversation:

Oftentimes, when a guy sees yet another bombshell on the arm of a dude who from all appearances is a complete d-bag, he is compelled to shake his fist at the sky and wonder if there is any justice in the world. The poser of this question is often a self-proclaimed “nice guy” who doesn’t understand why men of his breed don't have a lady friend while the moronic tools of the world get the girl. To him it seems that his niceness is the root of the problem and that this is somehow repulsive to women who inexplicably prefer to date jerks.

Absolute injustice isn't it?
Or is it.

So I explained  the following points:

Number 1: People are going to like who they like. Just because a 'nice' guy gives all his attention to some girl and she blows him off does not mean she does not like nice guys. She just didn't like you buddy. 

Number 2: Some girls do date jerks; reasons for which I as a girl don't understand myself, but to generalize all guys as pricks and all girls as bitches is so juvenille. Some girls are indeed stupid but trust me, there is some intrinsic need that is being satisfied – e.g. monetary needs, percieved love – and so they continue to hang around.

Number 3: There is a middle ground between the arrogant jackass and the demure nice guy, and this is the combination most women are looking for. You don't have to be a man gorilla to get a date. There's a lot more to it than that – like everything else in life.

Oh 21st Century dating. You are harsh and many-colored.

***Edit: Also, true nice guys are the ones who act nice not with the expectation that it might help them get the girl, but rather because it’s the right way to act.


Koi khwaab hai ya parchhaai hai satrangi re satrangi re
— Dil Se

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