What The Hell?

London Riots.

This makes no sense to me:


Among the many things I cannot understand about human behavior, I will also never understand what kind of person riots, destroys people’s places of work, their homes, their cars, puts hundreds of innocent lives at risk and for what? To get a point across? I think that point was made a while back and incase you didn’t read that right, I’ll type it again: we get it.

I understand people are upset at the loss of an innocent life, but how, HOW, does burning down peoples homes help the man who was lost in Tottenham?

Sometimes I feel people need an excuse to behave like barbarians. No, you’re not rioting because you’re standing up for that lost life. No, you’re not burning down streets, vandalizing city property, breaking into stores, stealing goods, and physically hurting people because what happened in Tottenham made you upset. You’re doing it because you want to be an asshat. There are other ways to vocalize your feelings and thoughts, and this is not the way to do it.

Shame on all those idiots masquerading the streets in pretense of  doing something for the greater good. A bunch of phonies is what they all are.

The boy being mugged is a Malay boy living in London. Someone hit his jaw, broke it and then they helped him up. Doing so, they opened his bag and stole his psp, phone and stole his bike. The tupperware they’re throwing on the floor are the ones he would’ve used to put his food for when he breaks fast. They just left him there. Women in the area went downstairs and took him to the hospital. This brave malay boy, Ashraf, survived the damn London riots. My dad went to go visit him today at the hospital where they wired his jaw. My prayers are with everyone injured or harmed by this ridiculous riot.”

Two kids make a run for it from a riot store in Manchester

Nice one, guys.


We can not solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
— Albert Einstein

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