NYC Day 5

First stop today – The Museum of Natural History!

Let’s just say I was the only excited person in the group to visit this place. I insisted on seeing it because of a movie I watched when I was a kid (“We’re Back”) and for some reason, I had this strange fascination for it. But nearly six hours into the Museum, that fascination was wearing off.  I didn’t realize how enormous this museum was. It has 5 levels and each level was different categories and sub categories ranging from the Jurassic period to how the human brain functions.

Even though we gave it a little of our morning and most of our afternoon, we were still not done seeing all of it. You really have to devote an entire day to seeing this museum since there are so many interesting  things to see but since we were on such a tight schedule, we just couldn't spare the time. After we got out of the Museum, we headed to St Patrick’s Cathedral which is one of the biggest churches in New York City. Now usually, I’m not a big fan of seeing churches but I thought what the heck, it was on our way to Rockefeller Center and it was free. As a bonus, it would be a great photo opportunity. I'm glad we did go because St Patrick’s Cathedral was jaw-dropping. It is just magnificent. None of the pictures do it any justice.

After we got done with the church, we headed straight for Rockefeller Center. After standing in long line ups, we were finally able to make it to the observation deck. It wasn’t the highest level I’ve been on; that would be when I went to the tallest building in the world which is in Dubai, but the view of New York City is just gorgeous. See for yourself:

We decided to give our legs a break so we looked for a littler pub on 5th Avenue which is where all the great clothing stores are located at, and found Boqueira. After lots of apps and drinks, we braced ourselves for the next part of our evening that was sure to include three of our least favorite things: lots of walking, lots of sweating, and lots and lots of people.

Times Square.


You walk on the streets of Times Square at night and it will feel like it’s still day-time. It unmistakably is one of most exciting and famous parts of New York City, if not the country. It’s just a spectacular feast for the eyes. There are theaters’, studios, restaurants, shops and clothing stores, clubs, and god knows what else. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty sure you could get whatever you want off that street alone.

We walked on Times Square for nearly 2 hours and were able to pick up four paintings from local-artists and my sister and I even got a caricature of ourselves done. We look exactly the same save for a beauty spot on my sister’s left cheek. Not worth how much we paid for it, but whatever, it’s an NYC memory.  

After we got done at Times Square, we quickly rushed back to the hotel to shower. Our bus ride back to Boston was leaving at 12AM, and then we had a 2 hour wait until we could catch or connecting bus from Boston to Bangor. The last ride in the NY cab was pretty sad, but I know we’ll be back again in New York City for sure. There’s just no way NYC can be a first and last trip to anyone who visits here.


No. of Pictures Taken: 335

"Most human beings are driven to seek security and comfort. But there is another group that can only thrive on change and the unexpected of New York".
–Cathleen Nesbit

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