NYC Day 4

The first thing on our agenda for today was to go to Tiffinwalla Restaurant in Little India. After getting ourselves a very hearty bunch and taking a small paan excursion, the next thing we went to see was the New York Public Library. This entire collection of streets has so many interesting things to see, so even though the library was closed, we still made a good trip of it. Plus, it was on the way towards the Empire State Building.

The outside of the library is gorgeous. I can’t imagine how crazy it must look on the inside. Anyway, after a few pictures, we went off in the direction of the Empire State building but then got distracted by the long stretch of road converted into a fair/food stall. So we decided to walk through it, and then turn back around to where we were supposed to be heading.


The fair was pretty cool; they had stalls set up for international food like lamb kebabs, chili corn on the cob and other delciousness. We got to see a few roadside dance performances and musical instrument talents, and of course… a man holding up a sign saying that “The End is Near”. Such a city classic. Today was aggravatingly hot as well, so we cooled off a few times by zipping into a few stores to check out the souvenirs.

After some more grazing, we left the fair and went to get pictures of the Empire State Building. We didn’t go up since we would much rather see it at night (that’s when it is at its most awesome) and we were planning on going to the observation deck at the Rockefeller Center tomorrow anyway, so we contented ourselves with standing in front of the building alone.


More walking lead us to Grand Central Station, which is so beautiful both inside and outside. There’s a flurry of people moving in different directions everywhere and amazingly, Shona spotted a celebrity. Recognize her? I become a bit of a paparazzi when I saw her, and followed her around a bit until her grandson gave me the stink eye, lol.

Soon after that, we got our tickets to take the ship to St. Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty. The line was really long, and of course, it was getting hotter, but the boat ride and the views of the city lights from afar, and of course, Lady Liberty was all worth the wait. Anu and I were clicking away madly; but none of our pictures can adequately capture how amazing the sights were.


After the 3 hour boat ride, we decided to head to Little Itlay to get ourselves some NY pizza. We stopped in at Lombardi’s, and topped it off with tiramisu rice pudding with hazelnut topping at Rice to Riches.


No. of Pictures Taken: 382

"A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe, and fifty times: It is a beautiful catastrophe"
— Le Corbusier

P.S: It's Diane Keaton

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