NYC Day 1



The bus ride here was horrible. Our bus from Bangor to Boston broke down about half an hour into the journey. I think we waited in the bus for about 2 hours before it was finally fixed, and could get a move on. Because we were late, we missed our connection bus to NYC, but thankfully, another bus was going to NYC half an hour after we reached Boston. Only thing was, this bus was already nearing capacity and preference would be given to those passengers that bought their tickets to NYC for that particular schedule. 

Anyway, me and Shona pretended we weren't the late passengers, and sneaked on to that bus so we wouldn't have to wait an additional 2 hours to get on to the next one, with the possibility of not being able to get on that one at all if that bus was nearing capacity too.

We hadn't eaten anything of real substance besides a packet of chips and some chocolate/strawberry milk, so our long journey was catching up to us. Shona got a headache and I was going in and out of feeling nauseous. It didn't help that we were all packed like sardines on the bus. Shona was particularly crammed because the person in front of her had his seat put back (I recall her saying how madly she wanted to go all ape shit and rattle the back of his seat like a gorilla. The image still makes me giggle). A stop at Arby's half way towards NYC helped us feel better though. But soon after that, we hit traffic. Lots and lots of traffic that stretched out for miles and miles. To top that off, we were sitting close to a women who just would not shut her gob. She was constantly yacking to the bus driver and she had THE most annoying laugh ever. The slow traffic and her ugly laugh made me want to stick something in my eye.

To distract myself, I concentrated on observing the city. New York City is madness. It's a beautiful madness. People of all kinds, shapes and sizes are everywhere. Cars are jammed into tiny parking spaces, people are jaywalking, running, cycling, hailing cabs left and right, and driving here is a challenge to be mastered only by the courageous. But god, it felt so good to be in place with tall buildings and city sounds and lights. There's nothing else that makes me feel right at home. But, I've already decided that NYC, as amazing to the eye as it is, is a little too much for me. My main problem of living in a city of this size with a population so large, is that it would take forever to go places, do things and see things. I love city life, but a humungous city with traffic at every corner is little putting off.

None the less, I AM IN LOVE. This is not going to be my last trip here.

After we reached the station, we got a cabbie called Ben (he was really nice, and went on and on about the city and how amazing it is – he's been here for 5 years and is originally from Mali, Africa). If we weren't so tired, we probably would have paid him more attention, but at that point, all I wanted was to just sit back and relax for a while. The bus station is in Times Square and our hotel is a 10- 12 minute drive away, which is so awesome because most of the things we want to do/see in the city is located there. 

Our Hotel Room. Tiny but cozy. We're staying at the Sheraton Hotel on the 19th floor.

View from our hotel room.

The street below zoomed in.

See what  I said about the traffic? It's nearly 12am on a Thursday!

Beef sliders to cap the end of our night.

And now bedtime! Goodnight city lights.

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