Bioshock 2 Game Review

I love this game. It’s definitly a step up from Bioshock 1. The story is intriguing, the visuals are outstanding, and the music has it’s own eerie character of itself. This time the splicers actually look savage and the inclusion of the Big Sister’s adds the icing on the cake.

I love their launch trailer for the game:


Most of the annoyances in the first opus are gone, either replaced by something easier, faster, a lot more reactive or simply removed. It maybe lacks from a set of new enemies, but the few additions each have their cold signature e.g. The Big Sister whose scream announcing her vsiit will make your blood freeze.

While the story is unveiled at the same pace, this time the direction it took is the complete opposite. In the first game, you desperately fight to find a way to escape this crazied hole. In Bioshock 2, you desperately fight to go deeper and deeper, struggling through the city to save your protégé. Your nemesis is, again, forever willing to sacrifice every single life in order to stop you, and there’s still plot twists to make you say “Oh shit!” I especially loved the plasmids in this game – everytime you upgrade a plasmid, it comes with a new way of using it. It goes from charging your fireball to the point that it releases a volcanic eruption to calling bots from anywhere and giving them a name.

But, the more I played this game, the more I have to scratch my head and wonder what really happened at the end of Bioshock 1. The character I played in Bioshock 1 ended the game with good karma, and then that was it. Nothing changed in Rapture, and it continued towards it’s downward spiral with no help from above the surface. There were still little sisters that needed rescuing, and there were still ADAM addicts roaming the broken city.

Since Bioshock 2 isn’t a continuation of your previous character, and you’re a Big Daddy paired with a Little Sister instead, I was hoping for more of a backstory on how I became what I am. In Bioshock 1, there was a surprise twist at the end that explained the main character’s amnesia and the reason for why you were in Rapture to start with. In this game, you keep thinking that there might be some great plot twist towards the end… and then you’re let down on epic proportions. You just get to see how Eleanor gets to succeed in her destiny.

Now that Bioshock 3 is almost out, and you will no longer be playing in a sub-oceanic city but one that’s up in the sky, I really hope they will let us know what happened to the city under the sea. If you know me at all, you know how much I hate loose ends in a story, and having to use my own multiple explanations for how it ended the way it did.

Given that there were three years between the original and the sequel, I really did expect more in terms of the storyline of Bioshock 2. It is indeed more of the same, but they polished it a bit, oiled some joints, and gave it a big’ol drill.

Rating – 5/5

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