Not That Too!

My sister came across an article discussing vagina cosmetic surgery. It wasn’t something I hadn’t heard of before, but I decided to do a blog post on it for those of you who haven’t heard the big news.

Apparently bikini and brazilian waxes, vajazzling and piercings aren’t enough anymore, and now voluntary surgery is the new "in" thing. Before I read up on vagina surgery, I would never have guessed what a “good vulva” looks like, but now I know. And I’ll warn you, don’t look it up, because no matter what yours looks like, you’ll be second-guessing it afterward.

So what I took away from all of this is that it’s desirable to have big, pouty lips on your face, but..ahem, none of that down there.

Who decided this?
Who decided that your vagina would be better if there was less of it, and why are we listening to them?

First off, I want to stab whoever it is that makes women think they need cosmetic surgery on their package as a means of pretty-fying them. Secondly, no, there is no need for it so please stop obsessing over your god-given goods. If you do decide to get a vaginostomy because it will make you feel more confident and it’s a decision you’re making strictly for yourself, then more power to you. Make it bigger. Make it smaller. Add a grenade launcher and a martini dispenser. Go crazy. But if you’re considering having painful and dangerous surgery simply to fulfill the imaginary expectations of a society fixated on making everyone in the world look like a Barbie (from head to vulva) then maybe you need to do a little soul-searching first.

Your body is awesome, and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

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    I’m in love with your blog.

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