Losing Points Fast

My professor makes me cringe. As a gender course instructor, you would assume she would have a firm head on about terms regarding everything that could possibly be related to sociology and gender. I'm unaware of whether her senseless disregard for the use of proper terms is because of her language barrier, or due to the fact that she has brilliantly informed herself that she is correct.

It's a little contradicting if your Sociology professor does not know what a true feminist it. And it's a little stupefying when she discourages stereotyping, and then immediately stereotypes a group right after.

Her idea of feminism is comparable to that of a person who has no knowledge about the subject. The word 'feminist' already draws in negative feedback, and she is contributing to it with by saying things like "Now feminists will hate me for saying this.. but not all men are bad".

That is a face-palm moment right there.

I don't want to call her out on it. She's an older women who seems very set in her ways, is extremely nice in a way that makes you feel a strange affection for her despite her inaccuracies and ramblings and she hardly ever understands when a student asks her a question about a reading so I imagine that she'd just smile at me and nod if I tried to get her to see how misled she actually is.

Nevertheless, this false portrayal of feminism is such poison, and it's disappointing to see it in a sociology classroom.

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