Grad Pics

I thought I should upload a few pictures seeing as this is my blog and such a thing as my graduation will go down ostensibly as a monumental moment in the history of my life. SO here they are:

This is me trying to humor Shona and her incessant picture taking. But thanks to her, I have a few hundred pictures of myself to choose from which is good since I don't usually like most pictures taken of me.

It's too bad the weather was DISGUSTING. It was hot, humid and raining. We missed our grad class picture which was supposed to be taken outside in the quad, and the hallway that all the grads were crammed in smelled of feet. The body heat didn't help. Suffice it say that everyone was really glad that 4 and a half hours later, we could all remove our prickly robes and un-stick the graduation hat from our sweaty heads. I left mine on only because my hat head was extremely severe, and combined with my slowly frizzing hair, the overall effect was not very flattering. On top of that, since they wanted the convocation to be very formal, no one threw their hats in the air. That is incredibly sad because the throwing-of-the-hat-in-the-air moment is significant and symbolic! Poo on you convocation conductors!

My feet were killing me at the end of it (my toes were squished into those stupid peep-toe heels that I will never wear again), and I can't believe we had to stand in line, not moving, for an entire hour. And then, we had to sit through speech after speech about things that were not really related to the graduating class of 2011. Anyway. I will stop moaning about how exhausting the ordeal was. Let's just say I'm glad it's over with.

This is my pretty certificate that I will eventually frame.

And this I will give them a thumbs up for. We were the first grad class to receve the UNB coin. It's actually pretty cool!

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