Ogling for good health

Soooo, I got back that paper I thought I did horribly bad in and.. I’m amazed. The only explanation for the grade I received is that everyone in class submitted absolute shit papers and so she was lenient in her grading because there’s no way that I not only got a pass grade but a good grade. Whatever it is, thank you lucky stars! At least I won’t feel so mortified every time I see her now.

That wasn’t the end of her paper tirade though. We had one last paper submission to hand in on the day of our final (I still can’t believe she did that) and this would be a critical thinking assignment. Now normally, I don’t blog about what I wrote in a paper for a class, but I will talk about this particular one.

The objective of this paper was to find a misleading or inaccurate article that claims to have been a scientific study and then emphasize on how people should be wary of the things they read/see/hear about because not everything out there is based on true science (along with including some statistical mumbo jumbo). I found an article on Med Guru posted by an incorrigible lady called Niharika Sabharwal. Now clearly she believes this study is true because why else would she have posted this on her "Medical Guru" website (f.y.i: I would be cautious of what you read there)

The article talks about how there was a study done in Germany where men were instructed to refrain from looking at boobies for five years while others were encouraged to ogle for at least 10 minutes a day. The ones who boob gazed were found to have lower heart rates and lower blood pressure. While I happily support a little inconspicuous breast worship every now and then, this study has to be a joke. Are we sure this wasn’t an Onion piece that got misinterpreted by some doofuses? Who were the men who agreed to go five years without looking at boobs? Clearly they were gay, total masochists, or complete liars.

OR, this study could be absolute bullshit.

I comforted myself by thinking that once I read the comments section, my faith in human intelligence would be restored. But no. People were actually arguing amongst themselves on what kind of boobs to stare at, on the remarkable ‘logic’ presented in the study, and how women should cover themselves up if they don’t like men salivating at their assets (victim-blaming anyone?).

Really? Really?

This is just another example of how people don’t think. Sometimes I feel like the mass majority of people (ones I personally know, and the ones I don’t) are just cud chewing cows, content on being drones that like to play ‘follow the leader’. What is wrong with these people?! HOW can you be so gullible?

I weep for humanity.

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