Thank you Psyc textbook

I just made a discovery.

The opposite of being social is not anti-social. It is asocial. All my life I’ve been going about thinking that the former was the correct term to describe someone who disliked social interaction.

Rejecting or lacking the capacity for social interaction.

Hostile or harmful to organized society; especially; being or marked by behavior deviating sharply from the social norm.

Asocial behavior is a personal refusal to interact with other people. It is also used in terms (with medical professionals) for those with mental illness who choose not to be social with others because of their shame or guilt (examples) associated with their illness.

Antisocial behavior is a direct and open anger towards society’s "ordinances" that the person disagrees with, therefore shunning those that do abide by them. They are ‘against’ (anti) formed procedures and conduct set in place to keep order in society in general. They can ‘act out’ their anger by committing crime (for example) as a way to justify their truth.

I feel like such a noob.


Random Sharon Fact: I don’t usually listen to rap, but I could listen to French rap songs all day long. This one’s my fav: Mc Solaar-La Belle Et Le Bad Boy.

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