Useless Post

My blog entries on things worth reading about are slowly dwindling in frequency.

Besides my general lack of motivation to log on here and actually type something worthwile, I’ve been incredibly busy with assignments and group projects and other uni-related la dee dah things, so the lack of updates is also due in part to my exhaustion.

And, I also blame Fallout.

I’m stuck though. As part of my mission in the game, I need to isolate a virus that continually hops from one computer system to another. This seems easy enough until I found out I need to find and stop it three times, all under 30 seconds in a lab of around 10 computers or so. Running from one computer to the next and remembering not to stop at the same station isn’t helping the process. So far I have had no success and at the end of my 10th try, I decided to stop because I was on the verge of throwing my controller at the wall. . 

I hate you Scribe Useless Ibson…

I’m ecstatic for summer. I can’t wait to wear shorts and sandals and flowy tops and walk around without feeling so damn cold all the time. I don’t know what was up with winter this year. It just would not go away and we’ve only just begun to experience a little bit of spring.

Hopefully it doesn’t snow again….It’s APRIL for chrissakes.

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