They Did It Again

Whoever dreams up “breast cancer awareness” memes for Facebook is just messing with us now. Women are listing fruits like strawberry, banana, apple or grape, in their “status update” to correspond with what their relationship status is … and, uh, “raise awareness” about breast cancer?

As I wrote last year when women were listing their bra color in their Facebook status to “raise awareness,” sometimes people get wrapped up in the idea of “doing something” for breast cancer that could be just anything, instead of doing something that is actually useful. Games like this are benign — i.e., no companies are profiting off the sale of “pinkwashed” products while giving only pennies to actual breast cancer research —  but isn’t being benign the problem?

Don’t those affected by cancer, especially breast cancer, want more funding going into research, more resources for patients and survivors, more real education for women and girls about how to protect themselves? 

Sigh. I understand that this stands to spread awareness. But fruits? Fruits and relationships? I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t make any sense to me.

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