*We are the Borg! Resistance is Futile!*
It is disappointing to be surrounded by so many drones. Assimilation seems to be the only way groups aggregate. Tsk. Disappointing.

Anyway, I was watching TV last night and it was as though there was a salad advertisement marathon going on that I was not aware about. What is with women and salads? Ok, so I’m going to go out on a whim here and assume that from the entire population, women in general eat more cow feed than men so yes, advertisements for salads and salad dressing would be more directed at us. But what I don’t understand is this:

Salads, why are you so apparently hilarious? Why don’t you ever make me laugh as much?
You have never told me any anecdotes or puns whenever I eat you. 

Oh yeah, because I’ve never had a salad “leaf” me in such a state of happiness.

And with that pun, livejournal, I am off to hit the books.

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