No guns in the kitchen

I saw the trailer for the new video game ‘Brink’ and instantly, all other potential games I was saving up to buy went out the window. This was it.

I went to check out the website and in about 20 seconds flat, all excitement faded.

You can’t play a female character.

Oh Bethesda, I am sad you have your name on this, and I love you. Well at least I did. I was looking forward to Brink coming out. The game premise seems fun. But seeing some gameplay footage, it was plainly clear that it’s a serious sausage fest.

I don’t understand. It’s meant to be game where you can create a large amount of characters, choose which type of character to play or make your own from scratch, all with the purpose of playing them online. To not have any female build capability is insulting when games have a much broader demographic break these days. Shame on Splash Damage for alienating female gamers!

So I look up some info on this and as it turns out, you can’t play a female because making women in a game is too hard apparently. However, they sure can make some dudes that look like Easter Island statues. Yeah, I can see how that is much easier.

I don’t particularly care about gun to breast ratio but the lack of it in this game really turned me off. I’m not claiming that the game is anti-female, I am just saying the choice to not put a female in a game that speaks of one of its great attributes as having tons of customization, was a little dumb.

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