You Said It

I cannot believe it took me so long to play Bioshock.

It took me a while to get started on Fallout too because there were scary mutilated creatures and fire wielding Raiders that reaaaaallly creeped me out. But then once I got over it, it was fine. And then I bought Bioshock, since it’s made by the same company and has a somewhat similar concept as Fallout. But I really chickened out with it. After a few attempts of poking around in the dark with nothing but a pipe and a torch, hearing crying, whispering voices begging for help and then getting attacked by teleporting, deformed humans that escape in a cloud of rose petals was enough or me to stop playing the game for the longest time – splicers and Big Daddies are FREAKY. But now I’m two chapters away from being done with it and they’re not that scary anymore. Except when they play dead and sneak up behind you to kill you in the dark.

Next on the agenda of scary video games? Silent Hill- Homecoming:

I know what I want to go as for next Halloween though! A splicer! 
A little more fake blood and shriveled looking skin and this beauty is good to go:

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