Unwanted Expatriate Influx

Say hello to Mr Police Chief Man:

Ohh, certain people in Dubai really make me laugh. They grow more ridiculous by the day. One day they plan to display an 11 million dollar Christmas Tree and the next, its the Chief of Police Lt General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim claiming that expatriates bring “crime, perversion, behavioural disorders and disease”. Yes, you are too right Mr Tamim. That is indeed all our doing.

This is why I dislike Dubai. A lot of people there share this mentality. For people who think this way, pay attention: get that stick out of your ass or you’ll only further embarrass yourself because that right there is about as foolish as anything I’ve ever heard.

Read the full article here and here

Now for my favorite part: dissecting Mr Chief Man’s argument:

1: There is no “danger” being posed to Emirati identity and culture. It’s not like we dirty second class-citizens are scheming to stamp out all traces of your customs with our roguish, untamed ways. There are countries all over the world that are homes to people from various cultures and they seem to be functioning well. It’s fine to be patriotic, but turning into a patriotic chauvinist merits the need for serious help.

2.” If the GCC governments do not take bold steps to check the inflow of foreign workforce, a day could come when locals would be marginalised in their own countries and become like Red Indians in the US”. Red Indians in the US. Oh my god.  A proper term would have been “American Indians”, or ‘Native Americans”. Not that.

3. “Malabaris and Iranians who come here run small neighborhood stores and eventually become millionaires”.  And that’s atrocious because…? If you’re too “shy” to want to set up store yourself, don’t go around hating on people who can achieve that for themselves. If you’re worried that this is ruining the Emirati’s chances of becoming millionaires, then maybe they need a lesson in what is called getting-off-your-high-horse-and-making-money.

4. “The rising threat of expatriates”. Indeed. Expatriates = contamination of great nation’s superior culture. In reality, it equals intolerance, racism and xenophobia.

5. “Arab expatriates are better than non-Arabs”. I’m sorry, I thought Dubai was trying to make themselves out to look like a multicultural, multi-diverse, multi-rich metropolis? Or am I in the wrong here?

Okay, so it’s understandable that the GCC is threatened by the population disparity but in no way did this occur without their own consent. The idea that Emirati’s may be marginalized is an understandable concern, but I’m not impressed with how expatriates are being portrayed in order for their influx to be controlled. Though, I’m not too worried about them bringing legislation to control expatriate influx. They need us. They will continue to rely on Indians and Pakistanis and Filipinos to do various chores; for example: drive cars, run grocery stores, sell fish and fruits and vegetables and last but certainly not the least: work like slaves in the burning sun to make their multi-million dollar skyscrapers, airports and shopping malls.

One other thing that really pissed me off about his statements was calling Keralites “Malabari’s” ( I suppose that’s a step up from the usual “Kalle, lungi-clad Malabari’s”?). If one more person refers to me as a Malabari, I’m going to stick their head in a meat grinder and watch with great pleasure as they suffer the consequences of their ignorant, racist remarks. Correction: things will get very ugly. Get your damn geography right: Malabar is one part of Kerala. To call everyone from Kerala “Malabari’s” can be likened to calling all people from the U.S as Texans. You’re not only racist because you use that term to belittle me, but you’re also extremely stupid. Do yourself a favor and get your geo-political facts right lest you come off as more of an idiot than you already are.

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One thought on “Unwanted Expatriate Influx

  1. Anonymous

    Thank You!

    Thank you for the comment! Appreciate it… I liked what you have tried to tackle the issue at hand… This is one topic that relli makes me See RED! And I loved how you have ended your entry! lol… really bought back all those feelings I had while penning dowm my own Entry! you Go Gal! 🙂

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