Boo on You!

Breaking News!

Mark Wahlberg has been chosen to play Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie adaptation of my favorite play station game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Mark Wahlberg?!

Noooooo! WHYYYYY?!

He doesn’t fit the character at all. Wahlberg is a horrible choice. He may have the action ability but doesn’t have the humor that is needed for the part.

I had my heart set on Nathan Fillion:


Just look at him! He even looks like Drake!

Great hair, great sense of humor, snarky smirk down, laid back action hero persona – everything!

Excuse me while I go sit and sulk.

Bridget Jones: I will not fuck it up again, Mum.
Mum: Bridget! Language!
Bridget Jones: Sorry. I will not fuck it up again… mother.
— Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

There’s a little truth behind every ‘just kidding’, a little curiosity behind every ‘just wondering’, a little knowledge behind every ‘I don’t know’, and a little emotion behind every ‘I don’t care’.
— Unknown

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2 thoughts on “Boo on You!

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