Writer’s Block: Unplugged

Hold that thought; I’ll be right back to let you know the cost of my funeral.

It would be bad.
Really bad.

Not having my TV or cell phone would be okay, but no Internet? No no no buddy, that is asking too much. I would go crazy without watching my favorite vloggers on youtube. My hair would frazzilify itself in anxiousness and my nails would be chewed raw as I sit and watch the minutes go by, knowing that I’m unable to re-blog all the crazy/awesome finds on Tumblr. No Facebook? Don’t speak of such evil. Don’t you know I need to stalk people? My inner creep needs satisfying! What else… Skype! No calls to my two favorite girls? Prepare to deal with a very angry person.

I exaggerate. My withdrawal pains will fade after a couple of days once I settle myself into a cozy corner with a few good books. That’s how I managed during my stay in India anyway.

I would be very edgy though – that is for sure.

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