Done and Done

The two midterms I was studying for are done. YAY! Now I can resume doing my favorite activity, which, for those of you who are still not aware, is sleeping. I haven’t posted a personal post in a long, long time so here goes. I’ve been thinking about this topic for a couple of months (yes, months) since it’s approach is very imminent in my future and this, my minions, is change.

Major change.

What I love about change is the do-over. Starting from scratch, turning over a new leaf, wiping the slate clean. Call it what you want, but that’s what change is.

I’m very excited and very nervous. Some days I’m a little more of the former, and some days I’m a little more on the latter. Change is good. I need to keep telling myself that. It’s thrilling, it’s scary, it’s a roller coaster of emotional experiences incorporating everything between extreme delight to extreme nausea. I can’t believe I’m nearing the finish line so soon. When I look back at things, they really did go by super fast.

Do I have regrets? No I don’t regret anything… but I have a lot of doubts. Doubts about whether it was all worth it, whether it would have been better if I had done it differently, chosen differently, felt differently. It’s too bad we can’t re-do things so we could mold them to the shape we really want them at instead of hoping for a beautiful creation. Sometimes it’s too late to do that when you’re in the moment.

In other news, I’m going to Halifax this weekend to spend some time with my awesome sister. It’ll be nice to get away from this town.

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One thought on “Done and Done

  1. Anonymous


    I can’t wait for you to come here and have those oh-so-long and lovable chats! I’m so friggin pumped! mwah!

    its meeee btw! lol

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