Stupidity strikes again

Several girls I know are ‘liking’ this on Facebook:

"I’m the girl that would choose sweatpants over skirts anyday. i’m the girl whose room looks like a tornado went through it. i’m the girl that doesnt wake up extra early to look nice. i’m the girl that has two hairstyles ; up or down. i’m the girl that eats. i’m the girl that can’t walk in heels without killing myself … or someone else. i’m the girl that doesn’t pretend to be stupid. i’m the girl that means what she says. i’m the girl that manages to hold myself together, and say i’m fine, even when everything is going wrong. i’m the girl with her middle finger held high. i’m the girl thats tougher than a lot of guys. i’m the girl that really doesn’t care what people think".

You know what annoys me about this kind of bullshit? Girls who write things like this assume that guys either want vapid blonde bombshell nymphomaniacs or sporty girls who don’t wear makeup, play video games, and eat pizza, because OMG THEY’RE SO QUIRKY. Reality? There aren’t just two types of girls.

Here’s what I have to say:

1. You don’t deserve an award for being the girl who can’t stand being in skirts. Neither should you hate on the girls who like wearing skirts and label them as ‘girly’ for wearing them. Um, they’re girls… so yeah I think I made my point.
2. It’s okay if your room looks like a tornado went through it, but sometimes we all gotta pick up our shit. It’s part of being an adult.
3. You don’t always need to wake up early to look nice, and if you’re the type that does – what in god’s name is the big deal? If looking good makes you feel good, then more power to you. If not, then hey, power to you too. It’s a personal preference; why judge?
4. Two hairstyles: up or down. Do you want a cookie? Some people like to do different styles with their hair, and good for them. You’re not special because you have two standard styles.
5. Everyone eats. And if someone doesn’t eat much because of an eating disorder, it’s real helpful of you to be condescending.
6.Can’t walk in heels? Wear flats. Nobody cares.
7. It’s good that you don’t pretend to be stupid. Everyone should be like that, and honestly, most people are. Many of the girls you think are pretending to be stupid are really just stupid. There’s no illusion there. Smart girls are proud of their smarts.
8. You mean what you say, but you say you’re fine even when everything is wrong? Yeah, that sounds stable.
9. Oh my god, what a rebel. You hold up your middle finger! And you hold it up high! It’s not like people don’t normally do that.
10. Why are you saying that? Fine, greater physical toughness than a lot of guys is a cool factor, but mental and emotional toughness? Err.. that’s just being sexist. Everyone is different.
11. You say you don’t care what people think, yet you wrote a giant paragraph about it and posted it on the internet. Think about this on your tree of woe.


This rant ends here.


Lisa: Take one fuckin’ step and I’ll jam this in my aorta.
[aiming a pen at her neck]
Valerie: Lisa, your aorta is in your chest.
Lisa: Good to know.
— Girl Interrupted

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One thought on “Stupidity strikes again

  1. Anonymous

    OMG! That is so true! What a bunch of tools really?! geez! you have a great way of writing out your thoughts! good job!

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