I Can’t Stop Laughing

Oppressed Christians…that’s a first. You don’t get to claim you’ve been marginalized when for nearly two thousand years that’s all you’ve done towards every single other group you’ve encountered. Were you the thousands being tortured, hung, and/or burned at the stakes of the Inquisition? Were you the ones watching your entire culture being destroyed by imperialism? Are you the ones still called “savage” and “barbaric” in this day and age for merely adhering to your beliefs? 

Christians destroyed numerous ancient holy sites, villified every non-Christian belief system in the world, and punished the thousands who chose to retain their own beliefs. Today many Christian leaders and politicians continue the fight to oppress women and disregard non-Christian beliefs. 

Of any single belief system in this world, Christianity is the least marginalized, and as much of the United States attests, it is the single loudest mouthpiece for racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and unparalleled bigotry. 

I have Christian friends who would surely be appalled by the statements made in this article. 

Take your one true God and gtfo if you’re going to continue accusing others of believing in false gods and claiming that “secular society” is destroying morality.

Religious intolerance is disgusting.

Credit: malefeminist.tumblr.com/

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