To vlog or not to vlog

I seriously want to do it. The plan has been submitted to the sweatshops of my mind and it is currently being processed and worked on.

It’d be so much fun making and editing videos! But I have no idea what I would say or do to make me stand out from the million or so other vloggers on youtube. And then I know I’ll go mad with jealousy when I find not-so-funny vloggers who have more subscribers than I do and that will consequently throw me into a conniption, leading on to me stealing their ideas, stalking their commenter’s to see what interests them and what not.

Yes, that seems very likely.

Ack. I want a vlog but I want one only if it leads to me getting lots of subscribers!

I’m really loving my narcissistic self right now.

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One thought on “To vlog or not to vlog

  1. DO IT! Talk about feminism, and make-up, and your day etc etc. It would be nice. I don’t think there are too many Indian vloggers. So it would be really nice.

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