{Day 2}

The 10 Day Challenge continued

Nine truths about myself:

1. I enjoy people watching. It’s more fun with a bagful of popcorn.

2. When something is really funny, my laughing can sound witch-like. Other times I sound like Muttley the dog from ‘Wacky Races’.

3. I absolutely loathe climbing stairs.

4. My hair is naturally wavy/curly but I prefer it straight. Hopefully some day, I will come to like my hair in it’s true form.

5. I think dry humor is hot.

6. I sometimes write poetry, one of which was published.

7. My favorite element is fire.

8. For me, the only experience worse than a pap smear would be singing a solo in front of a large audience.

9. I like to watch/read about disastrous events so I can remind myself that I should be grateful.


Frank Wheeler: "I want to feel things. Really feel them".
Revolutionary Road

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