Ah yes. Because who wouldn’t like violently assaulting people for daring to make their own decisions about sex and sexual partners?

Oh right. People who aren’t total assholes. My recommendation? If any of you ever see one of your Facebook friends liking shit like this, unfriend them. And then send them a message telling them exactly why you’re unfriending them, because this shit is unacceptable and life is stressful enough without exposing yourself to people who think this is okay.

Violence in general isn't funny, but something as sexist and disgusting as "throwing bricks at sluts" is definitely not humor. It's not a joke. Jokes are funny. This is far from funny. This is a perpetuation of rape culture, violence against women, and judgment of people who dare to have sex or be sexual. Do you know how many women are raped or are victims of attempted rape? 1 in 6. It's pages like this that perpetuate rape culture. Why should women be shamed for partaking in sexual activity?

You know what else is awesome – the public stoning of women accused of committing adultery. Hell, let's all encourage the dehumanization of sexually liberated women!
This slutshaming just pulls women back into the Victorian ages. Yeah, let's throw bricks at women so we can make sure we all keep our legs closed because god forbid we should sleep around like the men that don't get bricks thrown at them. Why don't you stone homosexuals and people who work on sundays to death too? That's productive and progressive.

If this is your sense of humor, that is what you’re perpetuating. Funny, huh?

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