Lame Blog is Lame

I hate that feeling you get when you’ve lost something. Y’know the feeling… the sinking, shrivelling, oh-my-god-I-am-so-fu*ked feeling.

I thought I lost my ipod and in the beginning, I was calm. I thought to myself, "I’m going to find my nano and it will be all fine again", but then when I couldn’t find it in the places I would most likely have kept it, the shit really hit the fan. In my heightening frenzy, I turned over every little thing in my room. If there was a comic caption hovering above my head while I was attacking everything, it would have read "HULK SMAAASSH".

I found it after I realized I kept it in the drawer of the desk that was in my room which was later moved downstairs.

Now I have a fantastic mess to go and clean up. Luverrly.

Fall semester is starting up real soon and I’m not too keen on going back to the books. But I’m hoping that the things I’ve signed up for this year make a great difference to my otherwise drab existence *fingers crossed* I need change! And the good kind, not the bad! Please, no more bad!

*fingers and toes crossed*

[in French accents]
Lorelai: That’ll get the girls talking. We’ll be those dirty, filthy, almost-French Stars Hollow girls. Oh, we spit on you, you repressed puritanical ninnies.
Rory: We smirk in your general direction.
Lorelai: We cast sidelong glances that are vague but slightly threatening.
Rory: We eschew your quaint double entendre for the appealing lasciviousness of the entendre singular.
Lorelai: We … eh … I’m out.
— Gilmore Girls

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