Out in Dubai

I think the hottest Hindi song I have ever heard has to be Satrangi Re from the movie Dil Se. Dayum. For me, nothing else compares.

Anyway! My visit in Dubai is going really good. I just wish it wasn’t so damn hot. It’s impossible to do anything outside. As soon as you step out, you’re dripping with sweat so it’s almost pointless taking a shower before leaving to go anywhere since you’re just going to have to take another one after you come back home.

Something odd that’s been happening in Dubai are the power cuts. I feel like I’m back in India whenever it happens. It’s a good thing they’re not for that long because then everyone would just be baking in the heat – eyuck! Minus the nasty weather though, I’m having a great time. It’s so good to be back!

Here are some pictures.

Sheesha sheesha!

The three of us at China Valley Restaraunt.

Me and Aarti.

Aarti and Mano.

At the beach in Jumeirah.

A souvenier.

That’s all for now!


[Agnes looks at a fairground stall’s prize, a unicorn plush toy]
Agnes: It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!
— Despicable me

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