A week’s worth

Damn it. I wish, I wish I was able to get more pictures. Everything I was able to take a picture of, from all the many spectacular views in Kerala, were all out of a moving car so either it’s blurred or not as clear as it could have been had I been standing still. Other times, it was either raining too heavily to take any decent pictures or I was busy with everything we had to do. Bah, this calls for another trip to Kerala! But I don’t see that happening any time soon. In fact, I don’t see any form of traveling happening any time soon besides my return flight to Canada. Boo. If there’s one thing I want to do, it’s to travel like a tourist in Kerala. And travel to some other parts of India too, but I want to comb through Kerala the most before anything else.


Besides these pictures, and a couple of stuff from the airport souvenir shop, I have two lovely mosquito bites on both of my big toes. Not a very convenient place to scratch at. Now this is a reminder of Kerala I won’t miss.

The pictures below however, are of what I will.

The infamous autorickshaw!

Inside the infamous rickshaw with our very enthusiastic driver Renju.

Giggling school girls who laughed and pointed at me for wearing a belt around my waist rather than under the loops of my jeans. I don”t blame them, I’d find it strange too.

The view from outside.

If you ever want a sari in Kerala, Kaliyan Silks is where you go.

A demonstration.

Me and Shona at a restaraunt.

Daaww – Apachen

 and Amachi

Our house in Kerala, still in the process of being built.


I have 150 pictures in total. Yowza.

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