Not a twilight fan

Yup, I’m not. I tried reading the books and from the first few pages in, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. It does not matter to me if you are or aren’t a fan so I’m neither a hater or a lover (I only become a hater if you act like an idiot whenever the word ‘twilight’ is mentioned, or if you’re a twilight mom because frankly, that is just really lame).

Whatever it may be though, the trailer for this new movie annoyed /made me laugh (weird combo but it really did!):

I’m not going to lie. This looks like something I might want to watch except it really isn’t fair is it. They can never let it slide and by that I mean that movies directed for a largely female audience always gets a bad rep. And now they’ve gone and made a whole movie based on just how stupid they think a female based fantasy and book-turned-movie is. I’m probably reading too much into it but you can’t deny that this isn’t at least somewhat true. The title is misleading as well. If all vampires sucked, they should have done spoofs on the vampires in the Blade and Underworld trilogies, but  I don’t see any inclusion of that in this trailer. This is all Twilight.

Oh well. I’m jus saying.

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