Last Trip

I’m leaving for Dubai in a couple of hours. I need to make it the most awesomest trip ever since this is definitely my last trip to Dubai. My Dad’s retiring at the end of the year, after which everything we owned in Dubai will probably be shipped off to our house in Kerala save for a few items I’m going to bring back to Saint John.

Aside from the fact that Shona’s wedding is taking place and that itself will make this trip memorable, I want to  make it even more memorable by doing every single thing I used to love doing when I lived in the city one last time before I leave. I am of the sentimental sort you see, so this is going to help get me closure of the place I called home for seventeen years. That and the fact that I will probably never live in a city that’s as monumental as Dubai nor will I ever come back to visit because it’s just too expensive. That’s sort of relieving and sad at the same time. I have such mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I’m completely indifferent and other times I’m a mess.

Anyway this entry is looming into the melancholic so I’m going to pull out now and resume the packing of last minute items!

My next post will be from when I’m in Dubai. YAY.


Add with time the season passes
Memories that hang in autumn’s wind
Memories that hang once again

~ Thievery Corporation – Beautiful Drug

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