I absolutely love this guy. He is HILARIOUS.

But damn, really sucks to be a homosexual in Uganda what with having the possibility of the death penalty hanging over your head in the event that you enjoy ‘eating da poo poo‘.

Here’s the entire video:

What bothers me is that this guy claims to be a Christian.

Erm, what happened to “Love thy fellow man”? Killing or persecuting someone is taught as wrong and it’s precisely this that is un-Christian so why should it be any different for homosexuals? I don’t recall a ban on homosexuality as being one of the ten commandments.

This pastor’s argument has ‘fallacy’ written all over it  and his reasoning is so self-contradicting. It’s really sad that he’s spreading his skewed perception of homosexuality to people and asking for the death penalty. Jees-sus. Gotta love ignorance.

On a side note, has he forgotten that straight people enjoy doing such activites in the bedroom too? Because then we should have them put to death as well.

Sigh. All hail the feeble-minded! Because without them, there would be so much hate and intolerance.

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