It could happen to you

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to do what everyone else is doing. I’ve known this about myself since pre-school, when all the girls chose pink as their favorite color and I was so annoyed that I chose purple. Currently, this dynamic manifests itself in a variety of forms. Most times I believe that people are only into the things they’re into solely because it’s popular within the mass majority. If it isn’t legitimate, you’re just another phony and I hope I’m not the only one who sees your unoriginality for what it is.

Now moving on, I seriously think I need an intervention. An intervention based on how unwisely I choose to spend my time! At the moment, it’s a gorgeous day out and I am not doing anything to live it up.  For several equally gorgeous days, I have just sat at home and watched movie after movie on HBO while stuffing my face with chips and coke.

It is official. I am a couch potato.

What the hell am I doing with my life? Anyway, I have decided today that there will be no more of that. I’m signing up for something, anything that will get me off this goddamn couch and doing things normal 21 year olds do. I’m looking up volunteering organizations as of this moment and when I find and am a part of something awesome, I will report back my awesome activities that I will be doing during these awesome, gorgeous days of Spring.

Chyeah. It was written.


Gwen Cummings: "Don’t be someone else’s slogan because you are poetry".
— 28 Days

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One thought on “It could happen to you

  1. Anonymous

    ure awesome shazzie 🙂

    let’s playyyyyyyy basketball near woodhaven! it’ll be fun and outdoorsy lol

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