And Again

Something is innately wrong with me. I just have to push myself to study for two more days and I CAN’T DO IT. I will do everything else, like clean my room, fluff the cushions on the couch, look at the empty contents of my fridge, update pointless posts on LJ, walk around in circles except doing what is most crucial like picking up my text book and studying. And then I freak out because I’m not in time with my planned schedule which then eventually leads me to cramming.

I must be a masochist or something.

Saul: Enjoy your last meal.
[throws bills at Dale]
Saul: Here, supersize it, bitch.
[throws change]
— Pineapple Express

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3 thoughts on “And Again

  1. I thought this was normal… I used to do it all the time it was like i would do anything except study lol.. when i open the book to study it would be one of the only times i actually feel like cleaning my room..

  2. oh god, procrastination is a real bitch no?
    and i so agree with the statement above. your room can look like a tornado hit it until exam week when feel the overwhelming urge to finally arrange it all

  3. Lol. I suppose it is normal but I think I overdo it. Like right now 🙂 I should be studying but nope, I’m on LJ! *smacks head*

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