At face value, Victoria’s Secret’s new “Love My Body” campaign sounds like it might be pretty cool and empowering.
Like Dove’s “Real Women” campaign before it, surely this Victoria’s Secret venture must be targeted at women of all shapes and sizes, featuring them in the ads, right?

Uh, not so.

The retailer is celebrating their “Body by Victoria” line by releasing a mini-collection with three new silhouettes, but, sadly, the ads for “Love My Body” feature the same old Victoria’s Secret bombshells. There are some new faces, but the body types — you know, the ones they want you to “love” — are the usual stick-thin and busty array. Models like Alessandra Ambrosio discuss what they love about their bodies in various video clips (lemme guess — the lack of body fat?).


From the looks of it, it’s a “what I love most about my airbrushed body” campaign. It’s a shame, but not really a surprise right?

I weep for our future.

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2 thoughts on “Pffffft

  1. I honestly do not think that anyone really means to be inclusive of all body sizes in popular culture. It just isn’t profitable for them from a sample size point of view and non-stick-figure women are just not given any place in the mainstream fashion industry. The audience is so used to seeing the designers clothes on skinny people that seeing them on even slightly larger women makes it weird. They have made two very distinct types of models: high fashion models and ‘plus size’ models. So all the people who are in between have nowhere to be.

  2. immune to it by now… but yeah.. really sad

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