Ahh, Saturdays!

Have you ever had a fly or a small bug land on your computer screen and your first reaction is to to try and scare it off with the cursor? 
Well, turns out that is just major fail.

So after a couple of months of waiting, my submission to Vox Magazine has been accepted! They chose a really weird picture though, from the six other pictures I thought were better. I only sent it out ‘cos my sister really liked it.
Anyway! Here it is:


I checked out ‘fly art’ just to see how popular pictures of dead flies are and I found some really creepy/funny pictures of dead flies used in illustrations.

Like this one:

Dead Flies Art (15 pics)

See the link for more creepy/funny: acidcow.com/pics/4553-dead-flies-art-15-pics.html

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One thought on “Ahh, Saturdays!

  1. You know I was wondering why the hell I couldn’t see anyone’s entries, then I realized that I was just looking at my entries, and not my friends entries. Joy… But congrats on the picture thing! Save me a copy please! Did they pay you anything? And the second picture is just :s weird. but okay hehe. Mwah. Love ya hun! What camera do you use? Nikon?

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