Less QQ, more pew pew

I can’t wait for my Turbo Jam package to arrive. And when it does, I really hope I get the drive to get into shape.
I feel so busy already though… but I guess 45 minutes out of my day, three days a week isn’t too much to ask right?

Tsk,  I hate hard work.
But that motto will have to change. And I will change it to:

Lol, saying that aloud always makes me feel slightly better.

I wish you could burn fat faster. Ugh. Stupid yummy food. Curse you.


Lorelai: Ladies never get their own eggrolls. Ladies never get their own anything. They don’t even get their own ideas.
Rory: Oh boy.
Lorelai: They just sit helplessly and wait for some young strong man to come by and assist them. They don’t step in puddles, they don’t step over puddles. They can’t even look at puddles. They actually need to be blindfolded and thrown in a sack and carried over puddles.
Rory: Isn’t there a moratorium on how long ladies are supposed to talk?
Lorelai: Uhh, no.
— Gilmore Girls

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