It Has Begun

Dear Round 1 of Midterms.

I hate you.



In my usual routine of finding things to distract myself from what I should be doing,
I found an old favorite.

This stuff never gets old.


Other than university, I’ve been pretty much
occupied with my new PS3 game: Uncharted 2.

Cheap PS3 Games
Nathan Drake is an outstanding character to play and he has some hilarious commentary throughout the game. If it weren’t for the graphics and the action-adventure storyline, you’d want to play the game just to listen to his dialogues. He reminds me of Chandler *giggle* Other than that, it’s just been snow and cold and ice and classes and now midterms and one crazy weekend of partying since I’ve been back in Saint John.

I can’t wait for the weekend. I’m a zombie in dire need of sleep.

Now back to my recreational, time-wasting, die-after-almost-reaching-the-fifth-level and then- feel-like-sticking-something-in-my-eye demo Super Mario game. How I played this as a kid and never tore my hair out, I will never know.


Jake: "O-m-g, I thought he’d never leave"
It’s Complicated

(Btw, that movie brought me to tears. And not the sappy kind. I definitely recommend it! The only other movie that me laugh and snort as hard was Pineapple Express).

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