While putting away the last bit of my laundry, it struck me that I’d be leaving Dubai very soon. I’m going to miss being here, but at the same time, I’m glad I’m leaving. I feel like if I stayed any longer, I’d lose my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dubai and all but living here is like living in another world. Nothing seems real; everything is one big farce. Here’s a comparison: Dubai is like a person who enjoys getting countless plastic surgeries done; so much so that they don’t look humanly recognizable anymore. There’s the appearence of being perfect while so much is hidden beneath the Barbie doll image. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that… if you’re okay with deception.


I got that plastic surgery comparison from reading about the former Miss Argentina who died after cosmetic surgery.

She was trying to get a firmer butt.

What a stupid way to die. How unfortunate, to always be remembered as the person who died after having elective butt surgery (I shouldn’t find this funny right? Because I kind of do). No no, it’s sad and my heart goes out to her kids.

Anyway, lately my bored self finds it’s way to this website
It’s both interesting and saddening. Bah! I need a hobby.


Charlotte: Did I ever tell you I was a cheerleader?
Miranda : No, because you knew I would mock you endlessly.
Sex and The City

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