I am so lazy – SO INCREDIBLY LAZY.

Because of booking my flights earlier in the summer to attend Shona’s engagement party this December, I had to defer an exam to a later date so that it didn’t interefere with my travel plans. My professor wasn’t able to let me take the exam earlier than intended and so she postponed it for me to do it when I got back from the Christmas hols.

Now for most people, this would be a good thing.
Most people would use this extended period to study effectively and most people would be done studying for this one itty bitty exam (ok 21 chapters is not that itty bitty but whatever) but not me. I am special. Fact is, it probably would have been better if I was able to take the exam before the hols since I was in exam-study-mode but now… not so much.

I have been supremely busy since I’ve been here – meeting family, catching up with old friends, shopping for the wedding next year etc etc. Two weeks is definitely not enough time to get all the things done on my to-do list but still, I should have at least finished studying but due to my incredible laziness and my lack of committment, I am far far away from being done.
Looks like most of studying will be done on my 14-hour journey back to Canada..

Right now, I’m using every excuse not to study. Like now – updating my blog when I could be reading my text book  *smacks head*. My New Year Resolution should be to quit being so lazy but I’m sure my laziness will ultimately overwhelm my drive to not be lazy.



Logan: Rory, you’re special.
Rory: Like "stop-eating-the-paste" special?
Gilmore Girls

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