Back in Dubai

Being back is weird. The apartment looks weird, my room looks weird and the new carpet my dad put in definitely looks weird.

Other than that, Dubai is still Dubai.
Creepy men, flashy cars, bright lights and labels. It’s all still there and all so familiar and yet so foreign. I’ve been away too long.

Since I’ve been here, I have made the following observations:

  • Laban up is indeed liquid heaven (besides cold water). As soon as I came home, I went straight to the refrigerator to get me some of that yummy goodness. 
  • Dubai has crazy drivers. When I’m on the road, I feel like I’m in a game. Everyone is cutting lines, speeding, honking and sliding past other cars as if to reach some finish line at the end of the road. It’s so insane! Every time I’m on my way to some place, I always brace myself for a potential accident. It is guaranteed I’ll have at least three near-miss incidents before reaching a destination. 
  • Traffic is said to be reduced but honestly, I see no difference. It still takes time to reach places but I suppose the metro has helped a bit…and my god, the metro is spectacular. Reaching City Centre in 7 minutes?! That is AWESOME. Not to mention how friggin cool the interior is designed and how cheap it is, which in Dubai is a rarity. That brings me to my next point… 
  • Dubai is so–unbelievably–expensive. I was in Dubai Mall and walked into Express and was browsing the jewellery section when I came across a chain I thought I might just buy. I turned it over to see the price tag and my eyes bugged out. 145 Dirhams. For a fake chain that will probably get rusty after a couple of months. Yeah uh, no thanks. 
  • Construction here is phenomenal. I’m away from Dubai for two and a half years and when I come back, about 10 whole new skyscrapers are built on my street. And that’s just on my street alone. Lol, in Saint John, it took them two years to build my previous apartment… which was only 2 floors high. I don’t know which of the two is more ridiculous. 
  • Speaking of ridiculous, I don’t think I have seen so many men scratch, tug and yank so casually at their crotches; like as if it were the most normal thing to do. It’s called boxer shorts; maybe you should switch to save yourself the itch! I can’t not look; they do it so blatantly in public, and it’s hard not to stare. It’s so disgusting but I always get a good laugh out of it. 
  • Cat calls are only nice when they’re coming from someone who’s sort of okay-looking. Walking on the street and having a tubby, hairy Egyptian man dance around me singing ‘good morning my beautiful!’ is not really flattering. But I must say, people watching is the most fun activity to do here. I can sit and watch how men watch women and god, do they watch them. It doesn’t matter if their old, or young, are dressed skimpy or are wearing a black chador, they stare shamelessly.

I am currently stuffing my face with all kinds of food I can’t get back in Saint John and I’m shopping like a madwoman. So far, I’ve only bought a couple of things I thought was worth paying the price for. I have another week to go and hopefully I’ll be able to get more goodies.

*** On a side note, I implore all males to please not sit with their legs so wide apart ; especially when wearing the following attire: formal pants, trousers, pyjamas and anything less thick that a very thick and sturdy pair of jeans. Trust me honey, there is nothing there that is visually appealing to the female eye.

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