S is for Stupid

Society is completely effed up. We value celebrities over anything else. Not education, not hard work, not intelligence. How do I know this? Because Kim Kardashian has nearly 400,000 followers on Twitter, she has her own television show, she is viewed as a “famous” person, despite not having done a damn thing to earn any accolade besides have sex on camera, and yet, people can’t stop complaining about how much their son’s high school teacher gets paid.

If you don’t know who Kim Kardashian is, then please, for the love of humanity, stop reading. Pick up a book or something. Watch PBS. If you must, watch “House of Payne”, but please don’t read any further. She is a stupid person with a larger than average caboose, and that somehow makes her special. People like her are the benefactors of chance, and nothing more, and yet they are adored by too many just because they are on that box that sits in your living room.

Ordinarily, the obsession with celebrities wouldn’t be so bad if the heirarchy of societal importance wasn’t completely ass-backwards. Celebrities are fawned over while other, far more important, members of society are accosted and cast-out.

Take Paris Hilton, for example: She got popped for DUI three years ago, and was subsequently cited twice more for driving with a suspended license that stemmed from her DUI arrest. She was sentenced to 45-days in jail. That is a more than fair punishment for someone who broke the law on three separate occasions within six months. Yet, stupid people (aka her fans) were protesting her arrest and incarceration because it “wasn’t fair.”

However, these same people will protest a pay raise for teachers because it may or may not raise their taxes, and that teachers shouldn’t be making that much money. That’s not a made up story, that is very real. Teachers are reviled because of their perceived lack of skills and inflated salary, yet no one bats an eye when Paris Hilton drops three grand on a purse, despite her contribution to society. She (along with the rest) are turning society into a collection of dunces, dopes, and dimwits (that’s called alliteration!).

I can’t stand watching MTV. TV shows like ‘A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila’, The Girls Next Door’, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, ‘The Hills’ and ‘Rock of Love Bus’ and other "reality shows" are so popular amongst so many people I know. For the love of god, stop the madness! Pick up a book, kids. You might actually learn something. This is not meant to be a houlier-than-thou lecture but honestly, what about it could you possibly like? It’s a waste of your brain cells!

But really, why learn something when you can just be on a reality show and whore yourself out to the brainless masses of a parody of the societal ideals.

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