Summer Evaluation

The results are in! As it is September 1st and summer is officially over, I can now answer the following question: How satisfied am I with the turn out of my stuck-in-Saint John summer?

Answer: Pretty satisfied to say the least.

Moving in to the new house was the majority of my summer. Of course, the actual moving-in-process was just a few days but getting all the furniture, painting, polishing the hard wood floors and installing hard wood floors upstairs, deciding and arranging where things went and what things went took up a good amount of time. Anyway! Now that we are 90% settled in, I feel very content especially since I can laze around on my hammock whenever our lovely Saint John weather decides to be decent to us Saint Johnners.

I didn’t read as much as I hoped to but I got some done which is always great. Didn’t travel as much as I hoped to but that was a given; I knew not much would happen there. Despite all that, the major positive aspect of staying here in the summer was that I could finally celebrate my sister’s birthday, after not being able to do so (since I was never in the same place as her) for nearly 6 years! So yay to that!

♥ ♥

Besides that, I youtubed, I blogged, I surfed, I watched, I read and I networked. I don’t think I have ever used the Internet as much as I did in the past 4 weeks. I used it for anything and everything, even when it wasn’t necessary. So now it is safe to say that I am a browser whore. *Dun dun duun*

On the creativity side, I did do some comprehensive work and photography (pics will be up soon) so I’m satisfied with that particular agenda.

I’m not looking forward to going back to uni one bit. It seems summer school only just ended and my 4 weeks of well deserved holidays were much to short to enjoy. Adding to the fun is that I’ve taken courses this Fall that are going to demand a lot of time and attention and I’m no where close to being ready to fall back into study-mode. Bleh.

On the plus side, I’ll be making some dough!
You know what means – SHOOOESS.
And… other stuff; if my paycheck allows for it. I’ve already been told it’s not much but hey! something is always better than nothing.


Samantha: [upon seeing a firefighter] Hello 911? I’m on fire!
Sex and The City

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