The Photoshop Effect

Do we want to see models, actors, actresses and whoever else that gets to be displayed on the covers of magazines and advertisements on TV in all their imperfect glory? Is banning the retouching/photoshopping of pictures too harsh or do you think it’s enough for the picture to state that the image has been digitally enhanced?

Up until recently, I was one of the many that believed that those photos of celebrities on the red carpet reflected how they actually looked. This, however, is not the case. Every image released by 99% of all celebrities are in fact re-touched.

Personally, I think it would do the whole world some good if pictures weren’t digitally enhanced. During some of my long, lazy summer days, I spent a great deal of time on Youtube, watching videos that gave instructions on how to hide a blemish on your face to giving yourself a larger bust with a few simple tricks on photoshop.

It was very entertaining to watch but very disturbing at the same time. There’s so much need and requirement for that unattainable perfection. After watching these videos, I progressed to seeing how far people went to achieve this level of perfection on If you’re very bored/interested in plastic surgery disasters, I suggest clicking this link.

Warning labels that disclaim “Warning: this image has been retouched to lower your self esteem” probably aren’t the answer, but it’s clear that some action must be taken to raise awareness. Selling unattainable beauty is not mentally good for you period.

Anyway, here’s an interesting video I found on this topic. Give it a lookie and I guarantee you’ll feel better equipped to deal with how you feel about yourself after seeing something potentially self-esteem lowering:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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