Today’s Music = Crap

At the risk of sounding like my mother, what the hell has happened to music today?

If you haven’t noticed that it sucks, then you need to listen more closely to what those idiots that call themselves artists are singing about today. It’s almost as if they’re running out of things to sing about. For example: Ice Cube’s "You can do it put your back into it".

Err, yeah..

If that’s all it takes then any one of us could become a singer because today’s music shows that there is clearly no talent involved in becoming a popular artist.

And oh, don’t worry about not being able to sing because today we have people like T-Pain. Yep, this guy has to use a synthesizer to mask his voice. If you don’t know what to sing about, crown him your musical muse. You’ll surely find inspiration through his songs like how he’s in love with a stripper. Very classy if you ask me.

Interestingly enough, this crap sells.
Is it just me, or are we instilling a breeding ground that will turn the next generation’s brains into mush?

Back in history, the music industry was run by people who knew the difference between good and shitty music. Now, through natural progression and the industry being full of "people doing it for a job, not cos they know music," it results in this pathetic, I-want-to-disable-the-functioning-of-my ears kind of music being signed whereas before it wouldn’t have gotten a look in.

What happened to good original songs and decent bands? I feel that a majority of today’s singers are mostly in it for money and fame. Yes,  there’s more music out there than what our TV’s and radio’s force feed us and don’t get me wrong, it’s not about missing the good old days because in old days we could find horrible things as well. But inspiration is lacking.

Now and then someone comes by with a decent track, but for the most part it’s almost all contrived, corporate product now. No longer is it about making music; it is solely about marketable image and profit. Studios put together new bands to cash in on the next "big thing" rather than focusing on creating innovative music.

Let’s hope the next wave of popular music doesn’t start off with "Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! The music media is proud to announce that we will continue to produce the same shit over and over and over for your hearing pleasure! Ad infinitum people!"

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2 thoughts on “Today’s Music = Crap

  1. Plain and simple! I like your work!

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