Oi Vey Everybody!

It’s starting to get cold. I am really not looking forward to winter arriving. It’s nice the first few days after the first snowfall and then all I want is for it be packed up and put away to bring out the summer props again.

The university is throwing their annual Halloween bash next weekend and I’m thinking I might go, even though it might not be very fun. I was at the mall, trying to find a not-so-skimpy outfit and I came across a Little Red Riding Hood outfit that I’ll buy if I can convince Abhi to dress up too. I don’t think I’m going to have much luck with that though; that boy can be very stubborn. I’m hoping I can drag Shona along but that depends on whether she’s working that night or not. She probably is.

Anyway, we might just check out the party for a bit, see what the crowd’s like and then probably head back to Abhi’s dorm room. I was hoping to watch a slasher movie but Abhi dahling is not really into that genre so that’ll be no-no. Ah well.

In other news, I am a girl obsessed. I watch about 6 episodes of Sex and The City everyday! It’s crazy but I love it. My only concern is not the impending assignments that need doing but the fact that I am very close to the final season of the series and even though I could delay the whole process by cutting down on how many episodes I watch per day, I can’t get myself to do it! Oi vey.

Serious topic for the day: I hate complication. I realize in some instances complication cannot be avoided but why does it need to be an occurrence in even the most seemingly simple processes. Instead of walking into rooms always filled with clutter, why for once can’t we open a door to a room that’s clutter-free. Maybe instead of trying to tidy it up and sort it into orderly shelves, I should just light a match and say ‘Burn baby, burn’ and be done with it and not think of the consequences. But I can’t do that. I’ve set things on fire and I still have the scars. Part of my self improvement plan is to avoid getting burned.


Carrie Bradshaw: “Yes I’d like a cheeseburger, please, fires and a cosmopolitan!”

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