Thats not so nice

Ok, so because I didn’t do anything really productive for a few days, my work has started forming a big, fat clot and I need to unclog it before I go crazy. Why oh why can’t I get me a break *shakes fist *. Just when one midterm is done, I have another one peeping around the corner and as soon as I’m done with one assignment, I have another one to do. From these assignments, I absolutely detest the stats assignment that’s given every week . For some ungodly reason, Melissa and I (we both work on these weekly assignment together) always take roughly 4 -5 hours to complete it. And it doesn’t help that our prof is a real bitch…

I’d been told that he was a hard marker but I wasn’t expecting him to be such an asshole. We’d gotten back our first midterm marks and after recounting my final grade, I found that I was missing 3 marks. So I went up and told him about it and he gave me this withering look and recounted the grade himself, after which he said I only needed 2 more marks. Ok, so maybe there was a possibility I had counted wrong, but in this instance I knew there wasn’t ‘cos I checked and re-checked and re-checked it again just to make sure and I can’t have counted wrong on all three occasions. AND, Melissa checked it twice too.

Anyway, I asked him to check it again and started going on a mini rant about how me and Melissa had calculated it and found that I actually needed 3 more marks when he shoved the paper back to me and said that what he had counted was right and forcefully turned away from me. Oh pardon me your Excellency, how foolish of me to think you might have made an error in calculation. Will 50 floggings suffice?

I didn’t want to argue with him right then cos I had to go for my next class and I was as it is late. Anyway, we’d gotten back our last assignment today and even though me and Melissa worked on it together, she got lower marks than me, which made no sense ‘cos we had the exact same answers.

After going through our answers again, we decided to see him during his office hours to talk about the mishap and what could’ve gone wrong. Unfortunately, I couldn’t accompany Melissa today so I gave her my assignment to show him as proof. Shockingly, he wasn’t very nice to Melissa either. Apparently, he works on the concept of luck. It is your luck as to which marker you get and if you get a lenient marker then lucky you gets to have a good grade but if not then it’s a not-so-good grade for you. Melissa tried to explain how utterly stupid that was and that papers should be marked with the same fairness but oh no, the judge rules no in the case of Melissa vs. Wilson and even after she had a mini breakdown, he still didn’t budge.

I’m not looking forward to meeting him at his office to change my mark. I’d been in his office before to ask him a doubt and even though I was asking him for help, he had on his I-think-you’re-a-wart look and I really do not want to deal with that again. Oh well… you gotta to what you gotta do right.

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2 thoughts on “Thats not so nice

  1. wow….he’s such a royal BITCH! =O
    someone needs to tell him to get that stick out of his ass.
    i hate professors with the whole “i know better and you are always wrong” attitude.
    hope you got the marks you were supposed to get!

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