Stupid Bulletin Board

So I thought I’d get started on making my cork bulletin board which has been lying around behind my bed for the past week now. I could have easily bought one from Zellers or something but they were ridiculously expensive so I bought a roll for 10$ at the university bookstore. Anyway, turns out the sheet was too thin which means I’d have to double it to ensure that whenever I stuck a pin in it, it wouldn’t make a hole in the wall. I didn’t think it’d be a hassle but evidently it was.

So after I’d cut up two exact blocks of the roll, my next plan of action was to stick one block on the other with really sticky tape. Once I’d put tape all over one block, I found that the other block wasn’t sticking to it enough and kept springing back and rolling itself up. Grrr…

I sat on it in hopes of it sticking better but that didn’t work. I guess that’s ‘cos it’d been rolled up for sometime and wasn’t being agreeable when it now had to sit out straight. Anyway! After putting in more tape and trying out other things, I decided to staple the damn thing together.

I’ve never used so many staple pins in my life.

So was it worth all that effort just to save a few measly bucks? Hmm, well, I guess not but after it was completed, I felt immensely satisfied and in that sense, it was kiiindaa worth it.

Anyway, here are pics of the progress!

That’s how it was after I stapled it

Sticking stickies on it

Voilà! She is finito!

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3 thoughts on “Stupid Bulletin Board

  1. I like the board
    looks nice
    hehe .. no place in my room for one.. doi!

  2. it looks good!
    your hard work and frustration paid off! =P

  3. Hah! I guess =)

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